Africarare is a 3D virtual reality experience set in Ubuntuland

What is $UBUNTU

$UBUNTU Token is the currency of Ubuntuland in Africarare. Using the $UBUNTU Token, Ubuntuland can be bought, traded or kept as well as used for various experiences such as art exhibitions, games, and social experiences.

UBU Coin

Become part of a Tribe

Enter Africarare as unique, distinctly African 3D avatars and join a Tribe. Avatars are NFTs that can travel through Ubuntuland. Purchase unique items for your avatar in the marketplace. Invest or trade in your tribe.

UBU Coin

Digital land and roots in Africa

Build your own environment or application in Ubuntuland. Land is divided up in tokenized plots of land, which can be purchased, rented out, and developed by Ubuntulanders.

UBU Coin


The Africarare Marketplace

African Art

African art

Discover Unique African Artists from all areas.

African Art


Purchase your piece of Ubuntuland and create your own application on top of it

African Art

Avatars & Skins

Create your own unique avatars that can be traded along with unique skins such as hats, jackets and even shoes.

African Art

Digital Services

Book an inspiring meeting room for you and your colleagues or buy various experiences such as a meditation room or a therapy session. The possibilities are endless.

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